The Baiden Mitten Review – The Magical Exfoliator?

Safe and effective for facial and body use. Free of the chemicals of other exfoliating agents. And it promises beautiful glowing soft skin within 30 days.

The Baiden Mitten At Work

Now that’s a product I really like the sound of. But let’s take a much closer look and see if this thing really works.

So What Is It & Where Does It Come From?

At first glance it’s just an exfoliating mitt.

But if you walked away without looking more closely – wow, you’d be missing out on some very impressive results.

This is NOT just a loofah girls!

The Baiden Mitten originates from the Turkish bath houses of centuries ago. And has been a bit of a hidden secret until Ayse Sen made the mitten available to the general public.

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What Does the Baiden Mitten Do?

Well, it’s an all natural bath mitten designed specially for exfoliation (if you’re not 100% sure what that means or why you should be doing it – watch this brief video -> What is exfoliation?)

You use it after soaking in plain, hot water for ten to fifteen minutes. Easiest is of course after taking a bath, but it could also be a wet cloth applied to your face or other specific area of your body you want to treat.

The mitten is then rubbed over the skin with a little pressure using a specific technique. This gently but effectively removes the dull dead skin cells of the epidermal layer.

This short video shows it working:-

The dead, dry skin gently ‘rolls’ away and pores are unclogged. Which can also help eliminate razor bumps and prevent ingrown hair (ever had that happen, ouch!).

The gentle exfoliation that the mitten provides can also reduce imperfections of the upper layers of the skin. And that means the signs of age spots, blemishes, acne and uneven skin textures.

Now, I’ve never tried microdermabrasion myself, but this ladies experience might shock you if you have:-

I’ve spent a fortune on microdermabrasions, probably close to $2,000, and that was for my face alone. I have found that the baiden mitten has been more effective and I’m able to use it in the privacy of my home — on my entire body.

So, better than microdermabrasion then..!

But not only are we removing impurities and dead skin cells by exfoliating, there’s more to it than that. This gentle massaging action also helps stimulate blood supply to the skin. Which can help your body make more collagen and elastin which is what keeps our skin elastic and firm. And the very things that age robs from our skins.

One other side effect of all this is of course that your skin can absorb moisturizers, lotions and other skincare products more easily. Because there is less debris on the epidermis to block absorption.

(Self-tanners: you should find you get much more even results after using this!)

What Is It Made Of?

The Baiden Mitten is made from a natural tree fiber, using a process refined over hundreds of years.

The fibers are processed and shaped specifically to suit skin, to allow them to pick up residues from the surface dead cells and pores without affecting the healthy cells.

The fiber threads have a specific thickness as well as a specific number of threads per square centimeter. And the knots on the material are also arranged in specific patterns to maximise their effectiveness.

Lower concentrations of threads would have made the mitten too rough, and too high a concentration would have made it too slippery without the desired effect. The ‘magic’ of the mitten is in this proportion of threads to a square centimeter.

Why Is It So Popular?

using the mitten on the faceSimply because of the results that women all over the world have been seeing for themselves.

The companies official website has a large number of customer testimonials that show how woman have found the mittens highly effective in solving problems of dry, flaky skin on their faces, lips, and bodies. The mittens have even been found safe for use on delicate eyelids as well.

Customers have also found the mitten can show dramatic results irrespective of skin type and even age. This simple yet effective idea is natural, safe for home use, easy to use and very affordable.

Anything To Watch Out For?

Don’t buy one thinking it will last you a lifetime. It certainly won’t!

But each mitten can be reused about 100 times, or for up to about 2 years, when used according to the instructions. So for less than the price of even a single facial microdermabrasion treatment, it’s a bit of a no-brainer to give it a try for yourself.

It’s fairly early days for me and I haven’t noticed this aspect, but they also say the mitten texture improves as you use it, and therefore becomes even more effective with time.

So Where Can I Buy It & What Does It Cost?

The Baiden Mitten is available directly from Amazon here.

The price is typically around $50 (but do check for the latest price). Which I think is actually crazy cheap when you consider you will get about 100 uses, or a couple of years of use out of it.

Also keep an eye out for multi-pack special deals (as I’ve seen 3 packs for slightly more than the cost of 2 before).

Oh, here’s one more review of the baiden mitten I found, from a morning TV show:-

Where To Next?

You can read more about exfoliation in my ‘how to’ guide here. I’ve also been looking into a rival product to this one called the Dermasuri Mitt – it’s not quite as good, but if your budget doesn’t stretch to the Baiden mitt then you might like to give this one a try.