About Me

OK, just a quick paragraph to say “hi, I’m a real person”. I’m still a bit internet shy so forgive me for not putting my entire life in here 🙂

My friends call me Jen. I’m a young (at heart) mum with a husband (one of those good ones!) and two mostly grown up children now.

I work part-time in an office — dreary work but fun, lovely colleagues 🙂

Which leaves me some time (but not a lot!) for my new adventure in blogging.

So just like any gal I have a drawer full of potions and lotions and try to look after my skin best I can. I stay out of them sun and always use sunscreen – still can’t get the hubby to use it though 🙁

And that’s what this blog is going to be all about. Skin care, skin products and looking after your skin. I probably won’t nag you too much about sunscreen. Probably 🙂

If you ever you want to say ‘hi’ just drop me a line here.